Elementary, My Dear: Sherlock Holmes Comes to Life at Perot Museum

DALLAS — The hat. The address. The mysteries. The world’s favorite 19th Century detective is on the case at the Perot Museum. Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous character comes to life at the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes.

“The design and planning took about three years to put together. It is an immersive event,” said Perot Museum CEO Colleen Walker. “It’s one of the highest quality exhibits out there, and it’s a very important story we want to tell.”

Fans of the Victorian era super sleuth can grab a magnifying glass, hit the crime scene and try to solve a murder. Or check out relics from the early days of forensic science.

One particularly intriguing item is real life century old heart with a stab wound!

“This exhibit really showcases the forensic science that was available at the time of the stories of Sherlock Holmes,” said Dana Austin, a forensic anthropologist with the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office. “And it shows really the foundation of modern-day forensic science.”

So make your way and see if solving the case really is “elementary”… or if you’d never stand a chance against the likes of Moriarty.